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Things are never just a question of money, least of all in our hospice. We desperately need kindhearted people. We need doctors and nurses willing to offer their services to our hospice for free, to aid our gravely ill patients in their suffering and grief, brighten their days. Some patients have no relatives left, or their relatives abandoned them when they learned about their illness. Our hospice is there to help live out their last days without need and suffering. We need volunteers who could take our patients out, bring them where they need to go, read books to them, buy necessities.

Of course, to do these things our volunteers need to have strength, patience, wisdom, and most importantly to be good people with kind hearts.

Give them joy and hope! Very often people in misfortune need kind words and moral support no less than material help. They need to feel that someone still needs them, that they have not been excluded from life.

We ask you to help however much you can. Make some time to do good, come and help us. Not only our patients need it, we all do. Hurry to help! They have not much time left. The power of good is in persistence. People struggling with incurable diseases, sensing themselves condemned to die, feel bitterness, pain and powerlessness. All our patients were children once, played, ran and laughed. They grew up, loved and were loved in turn. Now their future is growing ever shorter. With remarkable courage they remember their life, whether long or short. In the morning and at night they must remember the fate with which they live.

It is not within human power to prevent the approach of death, but we can help our fellows to retain optimism towards life and courage in the face of death.

Give these people as much as you can!


To help us train our valued colleagues, we wish to open a center for study in our hospice. Not only financial resources, but also teaching materials, particularly medical texts whether new or used, are needed. VALE Hospice International asks for your support to help us make our plan a reality.

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