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Patients Say

Most noble Elizaveta Petrovna and Aleksei Vladimirovich!

I, Major-General (ret.), front-line veteran and victor of the Great Patriotic War, Akhmetyanov Rashit, thank you and all your medical personnel for your constant care, kind humane attitude, highly professional treatment. Your fine team works under your direction like a well-trained philharmonic orchestra, with the active participation of canaries and parakeets. I wish you good Health, much personal happiness, joy and optimism in life and new successes in treating your patients.

21 March 2002. Akhmetyanov Rashit.

Akhmetyanov Rashit died at the end of May, 2002 in our hospice.

Very kind, attentive, responsive doctors, assistants, maids� work in the department. They surround seriously ill people with care and attention, give them a part of their warmth and energy. Besides, they give understanding, care and attention to the relatives and loved ones of patients. Nowhere is there such care for the sick.

A big thanks to you for your generosity of soul and kindness of heart.

26.02.2002. Kritskaya R.I.

Kritskaya R.I. died in our hospice.

From the depths of my heart I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all workers of the "Hospice" for their noble work, their warm spirit. For caring for people, patients with such serious illnesses. At every step you feel care for the sick, compassion. With such people near it's easier to bear grief. The team works smoothly, with professionalism, everywhere irreproachable cleanliness rules. You never hear a single rude word.

Thank you, dear staff and your leader, Aleksei Vladimirovich! I am very grateful to you for warming the heart in grief.


Kornazhitskaya died in our hospice.

We wish to express deep gratitude to all the workers of the "Hospice" without exception, and the director, and the responsible doctor, and also to all the shifts of nurses, assistants and maids. You are doing a great thing, indeed it's hard to believe that in our time there's such a company of people, who can feel compassion and who can take upon themselves a small part of the patient's pain and travel together along this difficult path.

We wish you success, much strength and patience, and in time for there to be such "Hospices" in every area.

Happiness and health to all workers of the hospice
26.01.2002. Room #3 Burdan L.Ya. and Filinkova I.

Died in our hospice.

The ways of the Lord are mysterious and one of those ways brought me to you. My heart was tense and suffering in my breast, but Elizaveta Petrovna's tender eyes said, "keep fighting" and the nurses' kind hands helped me to win. Thanks to you God gave me the strength to struggle and win, thanks to you God gave the strength to be firm and live. Thanks for being, thanks for the goodness of your eyes. Shine for others, help others, live for others and may the Lord God bless you. People need you very much.

Marchenko Svetlana.

Marchenko Svetlana died in our hospice. Read story.

We would like to express our deep thankfulness to all the staff of the Hospice, to its creators, in the first place to Elizaveta Petrovna, Aleksei Vladimirovich, Gennadii Petrovich for their goodness, sensitivity, responsiveness. People need the Hospice. We will pray to God for you and for the success of your Work. With respect and love. Thanks to the Lord God for helping to create such a center. With great respect.

The Baranov family.

Baranova died in March 2002.

A big thanks to all of you, all nurses, attendants and doctors of the hospice for the way you treat all patients, for your kind hearts, for your compassion. I ask God to give you strength for this difficult task - to bring relief to those who suffer. A big thanks to Elizaveta Petrovna for her kindness, for her ability to find the right word, which both patients and their loved ones need in this difficult time. I wish you health, strength and much happiness. Once more, a big thanks to all.

10.11.2001. Anatolii Andreevich Fantalin's daughter and loved ones.

Fantalin married in our hospice and died in the spring of 2002.

Huge thanks to you for your love and care! Here we felt so good and so warm, like at home. Keep on! Keep helping! Do good - we need it. Huge thanks to everyone and especially to Elizaveta Petrovna.

With respect, Olya and Andrei. 28.09.01.

Andrei and Olya married in our hospice at 11 am on 27.09.01. Andrei died on the same day two hours later, at 1 pm.

A big thanks to you for your care and attention to Sanechka Lebediuk.

Loved ones.

S. Lebediuk died in our hospice. Read story.

Greetings to our dear friends, our faithful defenders and well-wishers. I would like to thank you on behalf of all those who have been and are patients in our "hospice" and would like to offer you, at least as a down-payment on much happiness and many good things, my respect, a part of something very large in honor of your unforgettable love for us, your attachment to us.

In the name of the whole team of patients in your "Hospice" I would like to send you our most profound acknowledgement for your fine care of sick people, difficult to manage, who are living out the rest of their days, remaining cheerful and do not want to give in. That's a terrific force. I would like to thank the director of the "Hospice", Elizaveta Petrovna, the wonderful working personnel, doctors, students, nurses, the medical personnel, maids, cleaners and a lot of other people, who participate in our medical care, in our unpredictable affairs. Here we get outstanding medical care and essential assistance and very tasty food as well. All these specialists bear this difficult burden of service to humanity. In the name of all mankind we ask them to keep serving us like this and doing their duty. Big thanks for all the good that you have done for us and given us as it were a new life in our Fatherland.

Goodbye Friends, I hope that all your plans may completely come to fruition. A patient present in the "Hospice" and also the other patients in the "Hospice" and the loved ones and friends of patients passing on their great hope.

Aleksandr Khudyakov.

Aleksandr Khudyakov died in our hospice. Read story.
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