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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

Kiev's hospice, which offers free medical assistance to the terminally ill, is in desperate need of your support.

The City of Kiev has reduced its funding of the hospice as a result of the difficult economic situation of the country.

Due to this year�s severe droughts in the Ukraine, there is an extremely scarce harvest of grain in the country. Grain and bread are the only source of sustenance for our destitute patients, who are unable to survive on their own.

The percentage of those living below poverty level in the Ukraine is strikingly high.
We have 144 families of the terminally ill under our care. 95% of them have a monthly income of less than 30 dollars. This amount is simply not adequate for survival.

A new problem has surfaced recently- there is no room in my budget for even basic funeral services, but we still have to incur these expenses as family members can not afford them. The priest and deacon of our Church of St. Barbara have received no compensation for the past two months as this money has been spent on the medical supplies and funeral services of three patients.

Please take part in our efforts to help these patients and their families through very difficult times. We can assure you that your contribution will be well-spent on compensation for our priest and deacon, on funerals for those most needy, on caring for survivors� orphans, on feeding dying patients, and on supporting the hospice�s selfless staff. You can also make donations in memory of your loved ones who passed but are still in your heart.

The names of donators and their passed family members are always noted in our church�s religious services. As our patients pass away, we need your help to make sure that they meet their death with dignity, in a clean bed, without pain, and with a priest at their bedside- the way every human being deserves to.

Your donations are tax-deductible. Please make your check or money order payable to VALE HOSPICE INTERNATIONAL

I hope to hear from you shortly.

God bless you,
Elizabeth Glinka, M.D.
President of VALE Hospice

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