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The hospice team

An interdisciplinary team delivers hospice care. Unlike most health care settings in which there is hierarchical structure, our hospice considers all team member�s input to have equal value.

For a given patient and family, one team member may develop the closest relationship. It may be the home care aide, the chaplain, the physician, the nurse, or volunteer in whom the patient confides the most. Each patient and family served is a unique collection of life histories that combines to face death in a different way. Physicians, nurses, volunteers and clergy work closely together to provide care that is best suited to the patient and the family.


"... On one hand, you are the doctor, and you want to provide hope. On the other hand, you can inflict a great amount of harm. There is a great potential to cause even more pain with pointless treatment..." - Dr. David Mintzer.

Doctor Glinka

Physicians play a pivotal role in the program. First of all, they have a responsibility and authority, both professional and legal, which no other hospice team member has. Physicians order diagnostic studies and establish a valid diagnosis. They are also only members of the team who are authorized to prescribe medications that provide the most effective care

Doctor Kalachyov


Nurses have medical skills for symptom control, pain relief, and more. They are assigning to the patient and family to train the primary care person within that family in tending the patient. Nurses are in close contact with the patient and family, and in the Home Care program they are the most frequently seen members of the team. Helping with the patient's care, visiting the family, and weathering the crises of terminal care together bring nurse and family close. Our nurses are trained and experienced with the high level of interaction, plus the high level of nursing and communications skills required in terminal care.


Nurse Svetlana

Nurse Larissa

Nurse Masha

Nurse Anna

Nurse Olya

Nurse Lyuba


Volunteers are integrated and respected as full partners in our hospice work, as an integral part of the interdisciplinary care giving team. They are essential to the goal of improving care for dying persons and their families, both because they bring a wealth of talents to this work and because they give it a human face. Volunteers deliver medications, assist patients going to the doctor�s office or read aloud to patients who can no longer read for themselves. If the patient needs to be attended, the volunteer can do that, allowing the family caregiver to get away for shopping, a haircut, a movie, or just freedom for a few hours from taxing responsibilities. A volunteer may play checkers with the patient, watch TV, or even just sit quietly at the bedside while the patient sleeps. But more that anything the volunteer talks with patients and families, listening and participating in conversations about whatever they wish to discuss.


An anonymous donor - we know only his first name, Aleksei - financed the construction of the Church of the Holy Martyr Barbara, which was consecrated in our hospice. Father Georgii Yasko is the parish priest. Not only our patients, but also patients from other departments of the cancer hospital, especially children from the pediatric ward, come to the church. Our patients stand in great need of spiritual support. Many of them suffer no less spiritually than physically.

We remember something that happened in August 2001. One of our patients, Andrei, decided he wanted to go through a religious wedding with his wife Olga. Father Georgii married the couple according to the canons of the Orthodox Church. A few hours after the ceremony Andrei died. In Olga's words, he died happy, because what they had long dreamed about had happened.

Church of the
Holy Martyr Barbara.

Father Georgii is available to our patients at all hours of the day and night. His telephone number is next to that of the hospice doctor. His services are never refused to any patient and are offered entirely free.

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