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An integral aspect of our Hospice program is a Home Care Service, which supports those patients who wish to remain at home with their families. The Home Care Service is the heart and origin of our hospice. Our special personnel provide consultation and support to patient and family. Through them the patient and family make their first contact with our hospice, and gain confidence that we can help them. This is the most difficult and responsible part of our hospice work. Two nurses and a chauffeur are employed full time in this service.


VALE plans the construction of a center where outpatients can stay during the day or overnight, in connection with the opening of a separate hospice building.


There are 14 rooms in our hospice with 15 beds in them. We employ a staff of 30, nurses, assistants, cleaners, dispatcher, maids and cook.


Our hospice is a lay institution. We are open to people of any religion or of none.

Religion - is the most fundamental aspect of the human spirit - the depth dimension of our shared humanity. The philosopher-theologian Paul Tillich (1886-1965) defines religion as " the encounter with holy, and the holy can be defined as the manifestation of what concerns us ultimately and with unconditional seriousness. Religion opens up the depth of the human spiritual life, which is usually covered by the dust of our daily life and the noise of our secular work. It gives us the experience of the Holy, of something which is untouchable, awe-inspiring, an ultimate meaning, the source of ultimate courage".

According to our statistics, 80% of our patients have been members of the Orthodox Church. Church services are regularly held in our hospice. Each Sunday the Liturgy is performed. Every two weeks a general requiem is served for the rest of the departed. Those who, due to their condition, cannot be present at divine service, make confession and receive Holy Communion in their beds, if they wish.

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