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VALE Hospice International has an official motto, a line from the Latin poet Marcus Annaeus Lucanus (39A.D.-65A.D.), usually known as Lucan. In his poem Bellum Civile ("The Civil War") a (bad) character is persuading the King of Egypt to kill his guest, a fugitive. One of his arguments is this:

Adversis non desse decet, sed laeta secutos;
nulla fides umquam miseros elegit amicos.

  In English:
It's a fine thing when people don't abandon those in trouble
- but they got to know them when they were prosperous;
No one, no matter how faithful, ever chose the unfortunate as his friends.

Lucan was not a Christian. He would have been surprised to learn that the word fides, by which he meant "faithfulness, a faithful person", would be used by Christians to mean "faith, religion". So one can interpret the motto to mean, "No religion ever chose the unfortunate to love before".

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